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Pets, Pets, Pets! *Nibblenibble*

 So most people have seen my cute little ratties, Osiris (late), Seth and Geb, but there have been some new additions to the household since my brother moved in. Time to meet the family -- again!
Guinea Piggles with attitude and lushy doggy within...Collapse )

Whilst I finish typing up the loose ends on "Lolita in Summer Part II" here's an outfit post for you to chow down on with one of my favourite ever prints!  (Includes full outfit breakdown & makeup)

Snippety snippety-- Click for Paris Window love!Collapse )

Advice for keeping cool in Lolita styles. With plenty of pictures
(It might seem like common sense but I've seen some really melted girls in the past!)



Part one of twoCollapse )


I recommend turning your screen brightness and speaker volume up <3
(This post doesn't come with sound, but I'm sure you're listening to something awesome anyhow!)


Punky fashions are great for so many reasons, and cheap too ;)Collapse )Punky fashions are great for so many reasons, and cheap too ;)Collapse )


24th-27th March kept me nice and busy cosplay-wise! You might have seen me at any of these times in these costumes but might not have known where I was going, what I was doing, or what for, so here’s a comprehensive guide to cosplay in my world on that very busy weekend!


Busy times for Princess Peach, Ming Ming Love, and Princess Zelda!Collapse )Busy times for Princess Peach, Ming Ming Love, and Princess Zelda!Collapse )


Artwork Post: "Hermes"


2 costumes back by popular demand, and 1 debut! Plus info on tutorials to come :3

Cosplay: Geekfest Hull Uni 24/3/11 ( provisionally Ada Wong), BBC Look North interview & promo at St Stephen's, Hull, on 25/3/11 (as Princess Zelda), and I'm speaking and greeting at Platform Expo 2011 27/3/11 (As Princess Peach)
Tutorials and suchlike: Adding tutorials on crafting foamy armour, cosplay makeup, anti-twisted-cosplay-knickers stuff, and fabric paint shortly.
3 cosplays in one week... 3 excuses to party!Collapse )


I'm overdue a journal post for a month. So here's a roundup of what's been happening all this time! Because of this hiatus, this post contains a collection of updates and stuff from lots of different genres, and a bunch of rambly musings. I complain a lot, and have rediscovered my own area of England :D

Sorry I've been away for a while! Enjoy these rants--- er--- updates!Collapse )

Artwork Post: "Gore"