Cosplay Report: Geekfest, TV & promotions, Platform (24-27th March)

24th-27th March kept me nice and busy cosplay-wise! You might have seen me at any of these times in these costumes but might not have known where I was going, what I was doing, or what for, so here’s a comprehensive guide to cosplay in my world on that very busy weekend!


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Cosplay Update - Geekfest, TV appearance, Promotions and Platform 2011

2 costumes back by popular demand, and 1 debut! Plus info on tutorials to come :3

Cosplay: Geekfest Hull Uni 24/3/11 ( provisionally Ada Wong), BBC Look North interview & promo at St Stephen's, Hull, on 25/3/11 (as Princess Zelda), and I'm speaking and greeting at Platform Expo 2011 27/3/11 (As Princess Peach)
Tutorials and suchlike: Adding tutorials on crafting foamy armour, cosplay makeup, anti-twisted-cosplay-knickers stuff, and fabric paint shortly.
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A Month's Worth of Rambling-- Fashion, Chinese New Year & Re-discovering Hull

I'm overdue a journal post for a month. So here's a roundup of what's been happening all this time! Because of this hiatus, this post contains a collection of updates and stuff from lots of different genres, and a bunch of rambly musings. I complain a lot, and have rediscovered my own area of England :D

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