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Advice for keeping cool in Lolita styles. With plenty of pictures
(It might seem like common sense but I've seen some really melted girls in the past!)



(Below: JSK & barrette Sugary Carnival Special Set from Angelic Pretty, Bolero by K-Star, Shoes by An*tai*na. Necklace & socks offbrand)


Summer might seem like the time to be Lolita, frolicking through flowers and skipping through meadows, or feeding the duckies down at the local park. However, Lolita is a frilly fashion of layers and decadence which can be far too hot in the Summertime. Here are a few tips for dressing Lolita for the Summer. (Feel free to suggest more!)

I went to a barbeque in the sun on the Monday following Easter and spent plenty of time in the broiling hot sunshine in the co-ordinate above- I didn't even break a sweat! Here's my top tips for staying classy but keeping cool at the same time:

If you have long hair, wear it up in a style that will keep it off the back of your neck! A normal ponytail will still keep the hair trailing down the back of your neck, so you need styles that keep your hair high on your head and off your neck. If you like your sweet lolita, you could try this cute pigtails look to keep all the hair at bay:


Use hair straightening irons or curlers to add some flavour to your pigtails if your hair doesn’t have much life by itself. You can gather it all and make it all one giant ‘barrel’ ringlet, or curl each section separately.

Or alternatively for a more classic and historical look you can keep all the hair well away from your neck and shoulders with this straight up bouffant look if you have enough hair! (If not, you can easily make your own wadding to pad out your hair.)


Headwear           You don’t want to pile on loads of heavy headgear! I tend to leave the many-layered head-eating bows at home in the summer so my head can breathe, and go for a simple barrette or smaller bow. Flowers on grips are great too! If you have a sun hat, this is great, but try to avoid heavy top hats and hats made of felt (like berets), because you’ll just turn into a marshmallow melt!


--The boater hat on the left was great for keeping the sun out of my eyes, and it’s made from light straw (but my hair was left down and made me really hot! I should have worn my hair up like Mary Poppins!)

--The hair flower on a thin headband in the middle is light and the headband is flexible and thin so it shouldn’t grip your head too hard or make your head sweat :)

--This beret on the right is cute, but way too hot for summer! So I have stashed away my berets until Autumn comes. I also advise you not to wear a wig in summer if you want to stay cool! They looks cute and are great for bad hair days, but you really don't want and itchy, sweaty head, neck and face!

          This sounds daft, but makeup can make you too hot as well! So see my picture below where I'm going for a natural look that compliments most lolita styles well. Put on your light layer of sun cream on the face, then just dust a little blush onto your cheeks gently, and make a big deal of your eyes without much effort by shading lightly with brown eyeshadow (using a soft, flat brush) and applying a row of false lashes (which eliminates the need for potential-to-run/smudge eyeliner and mascara). If you’re worried about shine you can always dust some loose foundation lightly over the top of your whole face once your sun cream has sunk in properly, like I have here. If you wear less makeup, the air will get to your skin better and you won’t feel “caked”. Let the sun catch your cheeks for a healthy glow, or just block the whole lot out with a parasol!

 Jewellery             Try to be minimalist. Lace chokers are lovely, but they can be itchy if you’re hot. Necklaces are great, but you don’t want to wear loads of heavy things, so go for something with a thin chain and a lightweight pendant. This cupcake one is made from spongy foam, so it weighs next to nothing! (This is more about being comfortable than cool- if you get hot and your jewellery is heavy, it will rub against you and might irritate you if you sweat on the back of your neck.) So my only advice is to avoid giant collars and chokers-- similarly avoid arm warmers and stuff and go for some thin, pretty bracelets or pearls instead.

Stay tuned for part 2 that focusses on the clothing!

P.S. After the barbecue, I would make sure that your clothes are machine washable as ... well... barbecue smells are certainly unique and don't smell too wonderful on your precious clothes...




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May. 4th, 2011 10:15 pm (UTC)
I definitely love your blog and all your advices <3
And you look so so good in AP ! ♥
May. 5th, 2011 01:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
I hope to get part 2 posted by the end of the week. It's taking longer because I have to take lots of example photographs for the outfits!
May. 5th, 2011 10:27 am (UTC)
but.. but.. I like bbq~! D:

reply 1/ I saw the bag and right away I thought of you!
The site from the bag maker is here: http://www.reginabolt.nl/index...
The bag itself is not on the website, but if you want, I can contact her for you?

reply 2/ Hey! I saw those shoes on RTBU (refuse to be usual) as well, only shorter and in several colours!

I don't know, maybe you really have to bent your knees? haha!

p.s. Maybe I should get a new LJ just for commenting here!
May. 5th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
I like barbecue too! It's just when the smoke smell gets on your clothes afterwards that isn't good when your clothes might be dry clean only ^^'

1/ I love her bags! They are all gorgeous <3 Why do we not have a designer like that here? T__T

2/ Ah RTBU are doing shoes like that? *sigh* Well I don't need any more shoes! I have too many! But thank you for letting me know. I wonder what the quality from RTBU would be like for those shoes.

I don't know, getting an LJ just for me would be a lot of hassle!
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