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I recommend turning your screen brightness and speaker volume up <3
(This post doesn't come with sound, but I'm sure you're listening to something awesome anyhow!)


So I’m back from Blackpool where I watched my cousin play Tabletennis and then got bashed around and drenched on various Pleasure Beach rides, and I suddenly wanted a change! Sometimes, it just has to be punk. So here’s my punk-inspired getup from this fine, sunny day, and a rundown of what it was. Dressing punk certainly has it’s plus sides:

1. It can be cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

2. People didn’t give me any hassle! Usually I get a little hassle in Lolita clothes, but nobody seemed to bat an eyelid at red-haired, tatty-tights punk-girl! Maybe they're scare of me >D

3. Versatile, colourful, and layerable for any weather. (So today it's sunny but with a wind and I covered my legs up and could have worn boots if my feet were cold. Similarly, you can just whack on a jacket or blazer and retain punk-cool!)

Breakdance down:
Wig: This is my Bloodrayne wig so I guess I already paid my money for it. Sadly, it's not my real hair.
Shades: Gift from my mum. She’s ace.
Scarf: Found in a charity store for 50p.
Tops: Red T-shirt was a gift, and the black vest is a pyjama camisole that I bought from BHS an age ago.
Skirt: It’s a Zara one but I got it from eBay for £2.99 shipped! I highly recommend browsing the internet for great deals! 
Tights: Left over black dotty tights that got a ladder in them, so I ripped ‘em up even more and wore them over a pair of other tights. Which, incidentally, is just one leg of a pair of wrecked tights sewn on to another pair of tights. I did this for a Dir en Grey concert ages ago , but punk is meant to be wrecked, right?
Shoes: Graceland at Deichmann, £14.99

Accessorised with those things from Claire’s that you buy when you’re a kid then file away in the bottom of a drawer. (Cheap beaded bracelets wuth stars, dice etc, and fishnet thingies and hair bands.)

TOP TIPS for cheap punk!  
- Searching on the internet for 2nd hand tartan mini skirts or pleated skirts is a great way to add more to your punk wardrobe in many colours and you can pick them up for under £5.
- Also, charity shops are great for stuff you can hack up and alter, like sweaters and stuff that you can paint up with your own designs.
- If you're slim (size 6 or 8) you can also get some REALLY cute skirts and stuff from cheaper high street stores in the children's section. Usually their sizes go up to 16yrs old or so, and can fit up to a UK 10. Don't ask why but a kid's skirt is likely to be cheaper than the adult counterpart :3
- It's ok for stuff to be knackered if you wear it right, so anything that gets ripped, stained, torn, laddered etc, can usually be used with safety pins, big chunky hand stitching in a bright coloured thread, or patched up with patches.


Cheap as chips, comfortable, and rockin’! I wear punky clothes with bright lipstick for a slash of colour in the face, and usually with shades too so it gives me an excuse not to do my eye-makeup!

Excuse me whilst I go and pout elsewhere ;)



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Apr. 22nd, 2011 07:08 am (UTC)
Punk's not dead! Yeah! ;D
Apr. 22nd, 2011 04:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah! Punk will live forever :D
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